Akihiko Chiba

  • Phase transformation behavior analysis of the Co-Cr alloy for organism
  • High temperature strength of the Co group, Ni group heat-resistant alloy
  • Development of high corrosion and high abrasion resistant Co group alloy
  • Inprovement of organization control and dynamic properties using plasticity processing process of the general-purpose titanium alloy
  • Development of high performance metal materials(Mg alloy, Cu alloy, W group composite material, Magnetic material etc)
  • Development of Inteligent(smart) forging processing method
  • EBM metallurgy:Development of new processing process using the electron beam laminated molding
  • Study on histogeny and composition transformation by the computer simulation
  • Electron beam melting
  • 3D CAD to metal products
  • Net shaping technique
  • Custom-made manufacturing

In order to maintain the sustainable development of the society for human being, it is of crucial importance to develop the new types of highly-functional structural materials such as energy-generating and -saving materials, environment load-reducing materials, and biomaterials. In our laboratory, we are aiming at systematizing the processing-structure-property relationships in structural metallic materials through the systematic examination and analyses for macro-, micro- and nano-structures evolved during the plastic deformation concomitant with heat-treatment, i.e., cold- and hot-forging, rolling, extrusion, swaging, wire-drawing, and hot-pressing. In addition, we are studying on advanced processing technology including additive manufacturing using electron beam melting (EBM), spark plasma sintering (SPS) and plasma rotating electrode process (PREP). By employing the state-of-the-art techniques for characterization and computer simulations, fundamental studies are carried out to reveal mechanisms of occurrence of some specific properties for such advanced materials and to establish the processing and the synthesis for producing the most favorable microstructures to realize the best performance of the materials.