Iwate Center of Development for the Human- and Eco-friendly Novel Vehicles

  We set a goal to create the Iwate Center of Development for the Human- and Eco-friendly Novel Vehicles as the globally competitive base of innovation making use of science technology and infrastructure of auto industry ever accumulated in Iwate, aiming at consistent recovery from the disaster and development of the region.  With the support of the MEXT program, all-out effort by local authorities, industry, financial organ and academia in Iwate will be engaged towards to make Iwate and Tohoku area the major central base of development and production for automobile industry to promote recovery of the disaster-stricken areas and strengthen local companies for the sustainable growth of the region.


Tohoku Innovation Capital  Corporation

  Tohoku Innovation Capital was established as the unique venture capital firm headquartered in Tohoku with strong regional network. We have invested into promising venture businesses with high-tech cores in manufacturing fields mainly located in Tohoku and supported proactively their growth. We aim to incubate highly competitive technology businesses born in Tohoku and lead them to expand in global market.


Institute for Disaster Reconstruction and Regeneration Research, Tohoku University

  Institute for Disaster Reconstruction and Regeneration Research Tohoku University was established in April 2011, the aftermath of the 3.11 disaster. As a base concentrating the wisdom of universities on the world (including of Japan), we engage on research, education, and social contribution, with aim to lead the revitalization of Japan.  


Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster/ Miyagi Area

  The goal of the Miyagi Knowledge based Medical Device Cluster and Promotion Group is to create a global industrial area based on the Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake Disaster Recovery Plan. The cluster and group create medical devices in the region using the wealth of medical device-related creative solutions and ideas of Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering (the first of its kind in Japan). It does this by forging a strong partnership among industry, academia, government and financial institutions, and also by investing capital and human and intellectual resources in the advanced electronic and precision equipment industries in the area.