Next Generation Automobiles / Miyagi Area

-Industry-Academia-Government Innovation for Next Generation Automobiles: Development of New Products and Systems from Research Activities of Universities-


According to the strategy of the Industry-Academia-Government Innovation for Next Generation Automobiles, we make Tohoku region, centered on the Miyagi Prefecture, as a major integrated regional in Automobile industry in the mid-to-long term goal utilizing the world’s most advanced seeds and techniques with starting the Tohoku University.


We aim to be the research and development base of Next Generation Automobiles to be developed continuously.


At the same time, we strongly promote reinforcing technical capabilities of the regional affiliates and reconstructing disaster area caused by the Earthquake disaster.


An organizational chart and a participation researcher list are here.


Integral Planning; contents of implementation by subsidies


Next Generation Automobiles in Miyagi Area is going to implement the following 3 support programs from July 2012 to March 2017.


1, Constricting Knowledge Network

Implementing agency: Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute    for the details


2, Conducting human resource development programs for the realization of Strategy of the local innovation.

Implementing agency: TOHOKU UNIVERSITY   for the details


3. Commoditizing research equipment, devices etc. of endowed institution / university

Implementing agency: TOHOKU UNIVERSITY, Miyagi Prefecture    for the details