Masafumi Goto

  • Development of new pancreatic islet separation oxygen
  • Construction of the new pancreatic islet rating system
  • Development of the vascularization promotion method of the transplant pancreatic islet
  • Development of the device for bioartificial pancreatic islet
  • Control of the graft disorder early after transplant with the complement inhibition peptide
  • Instruction of the immune tolerance by the cotransplant of a dendritic cell and the pancreatic islet
  • Application to the pancreatic islet transplant of the stem cell derived from fat
  • Minimally invasive cell therapy
  • Diabetes
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Islet isolation

Islet transplantation is minimally invasive treatment technique for diabetes which has biggest impact in society among cell transplantation as latest treatment.
However, at this stage, it has problems on long-term result and efficient use of the donor etc. Therefore it is necessary to see the problems from different angles, and to dissolve to be established as medical care.
We want to solve the problems step by step to establish a complete treatment method for type 1 diabetes which is considered as a disease that cannot be cured completely.