Itaru Honma

  • Development of Energy Device Material
  • Li-ion battery
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Synthesis grapheme
  • Material science

Honma laboratory investigates a frontier nanotechnology and nanoscience for an advanced renewable energy technology, in order to contribute a global sustainability and industrial growth with low emission and environmental conscience. The concept would be most important and challenging issues to scientists in 21st century.
In particular, we focus on researches on fine chemistry of energy devices employing advanced nanomaterials and nanochemistry such as monoatomiclayered electrode graphene, nanocrystalline electrodes, nanosheet materials, ionic liquids, interfacial nanofilms. these advanced materials can be applied to develop high energy density electrodes, high ion conductive electrolytes of all solid state lithium ion secondary battery, super capacitors, which are fundamental energy storage devices for electric vehicles, smart grids, solar cells backups for building next generation renewable energy systems.