Shin-ichi Orimo

  • Synthesis and Characterization of New Hydrides
  • Development of High-Density Hydrogen Storage Materials
  • Development of Fast Ionic Conductors
  • Designing of High-Performance Battery Devices
  • Searching for New Superconductors
  • New Hydrides
  • High-Density Hydrogen Storage Materials
  • Fast Ionic Conductors
  • High-Performance Battery Devices
  • New Superconductors

Our division is focusing on "HYDRIDE" researches for highly-efficient energy applications. Currently we are developing new metal/alloy-, complex-, and perovskite-hydrides applicable to high-density hydrogen storage materials, fast ionic conductors, high-performance battery devices and superconductors.

Recent research topics are as follows:
<High-Density Hydrogen Storage Materials>
Increased hydrogen density in YFe2-based alloy hydrides by using additional Li as an electron donor

<Fast Ionic Conductors>
Synthesis of a new complex hydride Na2(BH4)(NH2) exhibiting sodium fast ionic conduction at room temperature

<High-Performance Battery Devices>
Demonstration of bulk-type all-solid-state lithium rechargeable battery using a complex hydride LiBH4 as electrolyte