≪Enforcement Report≫

The 1st Basic Phase of human resource development programs


Date & Time: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014  13:00-18:00

Place: A-1 and A-2 Hall at AER 21 floors


◆Part1 Keynote lectures


 Lecture by Professor Takahiro Suzuki (Professor/Vice director of New Industry Creation  Hatchery Center)


Lecture by Mr. Wataru Taniguchi (Representative Director ZMP Corp., LTD)


◆Part2 Sharing the latest trend topic on the automatic driving and the future development


Mr.kenichiro Fujita (Full-time director, Alpine Electronics, Inc.)(Temporary)

Associate professor Sigeyuki Yamabe (New industry Creation Hatchery Center)

Assistant Professor Hiroki Goto (Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)


15:50-16:30 Free discussion by industry-government-academic-finance

◆Part3 Poster presentation & Exchange meeting (Cooperation meeting by regional coordinator and Industrialization promotion committee)