International Conference “Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles”

Organizers: A. Miyamoto (Tohoku University), P. Kapsa(Ecole Central de Lyon),

M.C. Williams(URS Corporation),and K. Nakatsuka (Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute)


Joint Session of Eleventh International Conference on Fluid Dynamics(ICFD2014)

CS3: “Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles”


*Date*:          October 8(Wed) – 10(Fri), 2014    

*Conference Site*: Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan  Access

*Registration Fee*: Free




October 8 (Wed)

12:00-12:50        Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1


13:00-13:10        Opening

      Akira Miyamoto, Mark C. Williams and Katsuto Nakatsuka


Chair:  Masuo Okada, Katsuto Nakatsuka

13:10-13:50  The future of electric vehicles
                    Hiroshi Shimizu (Keio University, Japan)
13:50-14:20  Next-Generation Advanced Mobility System 
                    - Promotional activities supporting local industries -
                    Fumihiko Hasegawa (Tohoku University, Japan)
14:20-14:30  Building Smart Society by EV&ITS
                    - From Goto, Nagasaki to Tohoku and the World -
                    Takahiro Suzuki (Tohoku University, Japan)
14:30-14:40  Application to Next-Generation Advanced Mobility of 
                    Wireless Charging and Information Display
                    Masahiro NISHIZAWA (Tohoku University, Japan)
14:40-14:50  Utilizing of driving simulator for the earthquake disaster reconstruction
                    Shigeyuki YAMABE (Tohoku University, Japan)


14:50-15:00  Break


Chair:  Junichi Kawamura, Mark C. Williams

15:00-15:40  Green transportation - a challenge for European automotive industry

             Wolfgang Winkler(Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

15:40-16:20  California to South Carolina : US States at Work
                Shannon Baxter (South Carolina Hydrogen and FuelCell Alliance, USA)


16:20-16:30  Break


Chair:  Toshio Kato, Hitoshi Takamura

16:30-17:10  Future USA and Global Vehicle Emissions Legislation and Real World

                    Emission Monitoring

             Leslie Hill (HORIBA Ltd., UK)

17:10-17:20  NH3-DeNox Activity of Composite Catalysts [Meso-CexZr1-xO2 + Micro-Fe-Beta]

                     Parasuraman Selvam (National Centre for Catalysis Research, India)

17:20-17:30  Next Generation Automobile Industry-Age of Big Competition

                     Tokuta Inoue(Tohoku University, Japan)

 17:30-18:00  Poster presentation & Discussion


19:00-21:00  Session Dinner Party / the Westin Hotel Sendai


October 9 (Thu)

ICFD Joint Session CS3

Chair:  Shigenao Maruyama, Toshiyuki Takagi

CS3 -1  9:00- 9:30  Changing International Face of Transportation and Energy
                    Mark C. Williams (URS Corporation, USA)
CS3 -2  9:30-10:00  Overview of the Automobile Industry in China
                    Noriko Hikosaka Behling (Author, USA)
CS3 -3 10:00-10:30  Advanced NDT To Monitor Friction Stir Welding
                    Gerd Dobmann (Saar University, Germany)


10:30-10:40  Break


Chair:  Shiro Takegami, Naoto Miyamoto

10:40-12:00   Short Oral Presentations of Poster (3min * 40)


You can see poster presentations file here


12:00-12:50         Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1


Chair:  Hiroshi Inomata, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

13:00-13:40  Automotive Industry and MEMS Technology

              Yutaka Nonomura (TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D Labs., Inc., Japan)

13:40-14:10  Heterogeneous Integration by Adhesive Bonding

       Masayoshi Esashi (Tohoku University, Japan)


14:10-14:20  Break


Chair:  Tatsuhiko Yoshimura, Takayuki Nozawa

14:20-15:00  Three Principles of Making Profit with Big Data

               Kazuo Yano(Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)

15:00-15:10  Social Innovation using Robot Technology-Toward Autonomous Transportation-

        Kazunori Ohno (Tohoku University, Japan)


15:10-16:30  Poster presentation & Discussion


16:40           ------- Move to Akiu Hot spring Resort by Shuttle Bus -------

18:00-20:00 Worldwide Leaders Dinner Party of Next Generation Automobiles / Hotel Sakan, Akiu Hot spring


October 10 (Fri)

Chair:  Noriko Behling, Nozomu Hatakeyama

10:00-11:00  Key Technologies for Addressing the Challenge of Autonomous Vehicles

             Christian LAUGIER (INRIA, France)

11:00-11:10  Dynamic Motion Control of a Vehicle with a Large Sideslip Angle

             Kazuhiro Kosuge (Tohoku University, Japan)

11:10-11:20  Development of High Torque Density Axial-gap Switched Reluctance Motor
                      for Next Generation Automotive

                     Hiroki Goto (Tohoku University, Japan)

11:20-11:30  A new concept car for sustainable development and health

                     Hideomi Koinuma(Tokyo university ,Japan)


                     Shai Cohen(George Mason University,USA)


 12:00-12:50        Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1

Chair:  Noriko Behling, Nozomu Hatakeyama

13:00-13:30  Realizing new automobile system and related products based on university studies

              Katsuto Nakatsuka(ICR, Japan)

13:30-13:40  Industry-Academia Collaboration

Toshio Kato(ICR, Japan)

13:40-13:50  Materials for the Next Generation Automobile

Yasutaka Iguchi(Miyagi Organization for Industry Promotion, Japan)

13:50-14:00  Case Study Oversea Business Automobile Sector(case of Malaysia)

KOUADIO Shima IEKI (Kidskingdom Internatioal Inc. , Japan)

14:00-14:10  An Image Recognition Processor using Phase-Only Correlation Algorithm

Naoto Miyamoto(Tohoku University, Japan)

14:10-14:20  Multiscale Multiphysics Computational Chemistry Approach

       for Global/Local Innovation for Next Generation Automobiles
       Nozomu Hatakeyama(Tohoku University, Japan)

14:20-14:30  Concrete sustainability-Application to road pavements-

                     Patrick A. Bonnaud(Tohoku University, Japan)

14:30-14:40  Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles: Contribution of tribology

Sophia Berkani (Total Marketing & Services, France)

14:40-14:50  Break


Chair:  Masayoshi Esashi, Yuui Yokota

14:50-15:10  Next Generation Vehicle Self-Drive Control Concepts and Safety Requirements

       : A Research Plan
       Thomas Behling (CENTRA Technology Inc., USA)

15:10-15:20  What determines the future?  - innovation, agglomeration and institutions –
       Masato Hisatake (Tohoku University, Japan)

15:20-15:50 Global EV Platform in Jeju
       Jae Chan Park (IEVE Organizing Committee,Korea)

15:50-16:30  Innovative Production technologies for new Car Concepts
               Franz-Josef Woestmann (Fraunhofer-Institut, Germany)


16:30-18:00  Poster presentation & Discussion


Concluding Remarks: Akira Miyamoto, Mark C. Williamsand Katsuto Nakatsuka


You can see presentation file here