International Conference “Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles”

Organizers: A. Miyamoto (Tohoku University), P. Kapsa(Ecole Central de Lyon),

M.C. Williams(URS Corporation),and K. Nakatsuka (Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute)


Joint Session of 12th International Conference on Fluid Dynamics(ICFD2015)

OS19: “Global/Local Innovations for Next Generation Automobiles”


*Date*:          October 27(Tue) – 29(Thu), 2015

*Conference Site*: Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan  Access

*Registration Fee*: Free

*ICFD Website*


  October 27 (Tue)

12:00-12:50        Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1

13:00-13:10        Opening
    Akira Miyamoto, Philippe Kapsa, Mark C. Williams and Katsuto Nakatsuka


Chair: Masuo Okada, Junichi Kawamura

13:10-14:00  Global and Local Innovations for Next Generation of Vehicles

                     Masayoshi Tomizuka (UC Berkeley, USA)

14:00-14:50   Intelligent Vehicles: From ADAS to Parallel Driving

    Fei-Yue Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

14:50-15:00  Control of Vehicle with a Large Sideslip Angle

    Kazuhiro Kosuge (Tohoku University, Japan)


15:00-15:10 Break


Chair: Shiro Takegami, Nozomu Hatakeyama

15:10-15:50  Integrated sensors and actuators

                       Jörg Frömel (Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany) 

15:50-16:30  Electrochemical Technologies for the Transportation and Energy                                                  Industry of the Future

                       Matthias Scherge (Fraunhofer, Germany)

16:30-16:50   Nano-scopic Approach for Green Tribology

     Kazue Kurihara (Tohoku University, Japan)


16:50-17:00 Break


Chair: Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, Shigenao Maruyama

17:00-17:20  Manitoba Battery Electric Transit Bus Fleet Development &          


                       Ray Hoemsen (Red River College, Canada) 

17:20-17:40   A metal-free organic crystalline electrode for high energy density


     Itaru Honma (Tohoku University, Japan) 

17:40- 18:00  Advanced Automotive Three Way Catalysts via Solvothermal


       Tsugio Sato (Tohoku University, Japan)


19:00-21:00   Session Dinner Party / the Westin Hotel Sendai


October 28 (Wed)



Chair: Toshiyuki Takagi, Toshio Kato

9:00- 9:20 Non-destructive testing of CFRP using eddy current technique

    Toshiyuki Takagi (Tohoku University, Japan)

9:20- 9:50 Material testing for valve seat of diesel engine

    Philippe KAPSA (Ecole Central de Lyon, France)

9:50-10:30  Research and Technology Development at George Mason University for

   Next-Generation Automobiles and Transportation Systems

                     Kenneth Steven Ball (George Mason University, USA)


10:30-10:40 Break


10:40-12:10  ICFD Joint Session OS19

Chair: Masayoshi Esashi, Masahiro Nishizawa

OS19 -1 10:40- 11:10

                  Electrochemical Technologies for the Transportation and Energy

                  Industry of the Future 

                        Mark C. Williams (AECOM, USA)

OS19 -2 11:10-11:40

                  Future Role of Safety Testing Technology in Vehicle Design and

                  Development and Highway Safety

                          Cing-Dao (Steve) Kan (George Mason University, USA)

OS19 -3 11:40-12:10

                  State-of-the-art MEMS Gyroscopes for Autonomous Cars

                        Shuji Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan)


12:10-12:50         Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1


Chair: Naoto Miyamoto, Yuui Yokota

13:00-14:45 Short Oral Presentations of Poster


14:45-14:55 Break


Chair: Nakatsuka Katsuto, Fumihiko Hasegawa

14:55-15:15  Our Performance for Automotive Electronics Market


15:15-15:35 Multi-Fuel Engine Project

                          Kazuhiko Kami  (Hana Engineering Japan, Japan)

15:35-15:50 Patent Activities - Multi-Fuel Engine Project

     Toshio Kato (Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute, Japan)

15:50-16:50 Platform by what?

                     - Hydrogen or TELEMATICS, or something totally new -

                       Erik P. M. Vermeulen (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)

     & Masato Hisatake (Tohoku University, Japan)


16:30           ------- Move to Akiu Hot spring Resort by Shuttle Bus -------
18:30-20:30 Worldwide Leaders Dinner Party of Next Generation Automobiles /

                    Hotel Sakan, Akiu Hot spring


October 29 (Thu)


Chair: Mark C. Williams, Hitoshi Takamura

10:00-10:20 Ruthenium-containing Ordered Mesoporous Silica: Promising Catalyst

                    for Reduction of NO by CO

                     Parasuraman Selvam (National Centre for Catalysis Research, India)

10:20-10:40 Transportation, hydrogen and fuel cell status in USA 

                     Shannon Baxter (South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance, USA)

10:40-11:10  Green transportation -Automotive integration options in sustainable

                     infrastructures and Industries-

                     Wolfgang Winkler (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

11:10-11:30  Radiative Transfer by Nano-Structure for Environmental Issues

                    -Development of Cool Black–

    Shigenao Maruyama (Tohoku University, Japan)

11:30-11:50  Supercritical CO2 Technology -cleaning and catalyst impregnation-

    Hiroshi Inomata (Tohoku University, Japan)


12:00-12:50        Lunch Meeting / Sakura 1


Chair: Hiroki Sato, Hiroshi Inomata

13:00-13:40  Future Innovation of Foundation Brake for Adopting Regenerative

         Brake and Autopilot Capabilities

     Hidetoshi Shimizu (Link Japan, Japan)

13:40-13:50  Big Challenges In Future Automobile Power Trains

     Tokuta Inoue (Tohoku University, Japan) 

13:50-14:00  The Day, “Automobile” becomes Auto-Mobile

     Tatsuhiko Yoshimura (GD Cubed Consulting, Japan)

14:00-14:20  Next-Generation Advanced Mobility System

    - Promotional activities supporting local industries -

     Fumihiko Hasegawa (Tohoku University, Japan)

14:20-14:30  Next-Generation "Regional" Transport using Automated Driving

                     Technology and Special Ward for Field Practice

     Takahiro Suzuki (Tohoku University, Japan)


14:30-14:50  Break


Chair: Tatsuhiko Yoshimura, Akihiro Isomura

14:50-15:00  Global/Local innovations for Next Generation Automobiles Miyagi Area

            – Project Report

      Katsuto Nakatsuka (Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute, Japan)


15:00-15:10  Measuring Coefficient of Friction in Ski

     Naoto Miyamoto (Tohoku University, Japan)

15:10-15:20  Multiscale, Multiphisics Computational Chemistry Methods for             

                       High Performance/Durability Automotive Catalysts

     Nozomu Hatakeyama (Tohoku University, Japan)

15:20-15:30  Water sorption in nanoporous silica via molecular simulations

     Patrick A. Bonnaud (Tohoku University, Japan)

15:30-15:40  Mesoscale approach to understand tribological behavior of lubricants

     Sophia Berkani (TOTAL, France)

15:40-15:50  A new concept car for Fun and Health to drive !

                              as campus commuter, golf cart, land-water cruiser , etc.

      Hideomi Koinuma (Tokyo University, Japan)


15:50-18:00  Poster presentation & Discussion


Concluding Remarks: Akira Miyamoto, Philippe Kapsa, Mark C. Williams and Katsuto Nakatsuka


16:30 ------- Move to Matsushima Hot spring Resort by Train -------

18:30-20:30 Worldwide Leaders Dinner Party of Next Generation Automobiles /

                          Hotel Ichinobou, Matsushima