1 st Regional enterprises tours 2016


ALTEX Co., Ltd.


Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program "Next-generation automobiles, Miyagi Prefecture area", aiming to next-generation automotive industry integrated in Miyagi Prefecture, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will hold a local companies tour as following.

We would be grateful if you could get deepen understanding by seeing the state of the sites in the local companies.


<Object person>
Research institutions, local governments, financial institutions such as universities, public institutions, private companies
※It would be refused participating in this tour if you are belong to companies (related aluminum casting, die-casting, except for companies that are in business relations with the visited company


Acceptance of the first 30 people

 2016 August 30 (Tuesday)

<Meeting time and place>
9:00 Sendai Station, East Exit bus pool ※ detailed location, please refer to the map below
※ Because of limited parking space, please refrain moving by your private cars. please refrain.

<Participation fee>

09:00 Meeting up at Sendai Station East bus pool
09:10 Departure from Sendai Station
09:50 Arrival at Altex Co., Ltd.
10:00 to 11:20 Tour
11:25 Departure to lunch place
11:40 Arrival at lunch venue
11:40 to 12:40 lunch (about 1 hour)
12:45 Leaving the lunch venue
13:20 Arrival at Sendai Station East Exit * Getting off
Arrival at  Aobayama campus, in front of NICHe

<How to apply>
Please fill in the required information below and send us
by e-mail.
Please write "participation application of first company tour] as the subject.


Phone number:
E-mail address:
Participation in lunch: Yes, I do. / No, I don't


Application deadline [August 8 (Monday) morning]

Acceptance of the first 30 people
※Between August 11th to 17th our laboratory will be closed  for the Obon holiday ,
It will be responded after August 18th if you have any inquiries.


Tohoku University Miyamoto laboratory
Person in charge : Miyako Osafune , Hiroko Chiba, Mizuho Hatakeyama, Momo Ogata, Megumi Akama
Phone: 022-795-7233
E-mail: c_innovation * aki.niche.tohoku.ac.jp (please change * to @ )