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The 1st Basic Phase of Human Resource development Program


Date and Time: November 11, 2016 13:00- 17:00 

Venue: Aoba Science Hall

 Topic :  Progress Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Future Prospects, Introduction of Research and Technology



13:00-13:10 Opening address

13:10-13:40    Kazuhiko Kami, Hanaengineering Japan Co., Ltd.  

                        "Multi-Fuel Engine Project"

13:40-14:10    Kiyoki Akama, Cosmosweb Co., Ltd.

                        "Development of Motion Controls for Desk Robot"

14:10-14:40    Hiroki Sato, CEO, SATO Management Institute Inc.

                      "Studies of Trend for the Next Generation Car and Continuation for Industry‐academia‐

                       government Innovation"

14:40-15:00    Free Discussion

15:00-15:40    Takashi Nakamura, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials,

                       Tohoku University

                       "Resource Recycling given by the EU Circular Economy Package"

15:40-16:10    Junnosuke Okajima, Maruyama Laboratory, Tohoku University

                    "Light Energy Control for Realization of Energy Saving"

16:10-16:40   Motomune Kataoka, Next Generation Advanced Mobility System Research Project,

                      Tohoku University

                      "Reconstruction and Next-generation Automobiles from the Point of View of Road


16:40-16:50   Free Discussion

16:50-17:00   Closing address