Strategy Regional Innovation Support Program by MEXT for recovery from Tohoku Disaster

Next Generation Automobiles in Miyagi

Industry-academia-government collaboration for the next generation of

automotive innovation : new products and system development of the university

≪The 3rd Basic Phase of Human Resource development Program≫

Organizer: business products member Board & Research Promotion Committee


The project becomes the last year, so we made two themes which are "Progress Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Future Prospects" and "Introduction of Research and Technology".

We invited many great lecturers from local companies and Tohoku University as usual.

Many of them were victim of the earthquake and they might have a lot of difficulty when they restored their companies or Laboratories. We hope that they tell the attenndees their efforts in the process of restoration and have a valuable discussion. 



Date and Time: January 16, 2017 10:00-16:50

Venue : Qatar Science Campus Hall, Tohoku University


*Please click the link above, the venue is the red circle shaped building (Area C) in the map.


Tuition Fee : Free

Topic :  Progress Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Future Prospects, Introduction of Research and Technology


Lunch meeting:

Restaurant 四季彩shikisai (3F, Aoba Memorial Hall, Tohoku University)

*C-03 building in the map above


Convivial party:

DOCK (1F, Center Hall, Tohoku University)


[Invited lecturers]

・Mr. Tokuta Inoue

  (Senior research fellow, Tohoku University)

・Mr. Katsuhiko Shionoya

   (Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships, Tohoku University)

・Prof. Takahiro Suzuki

  (Next Generation Advanced Mobility System Research Project, Tohoku University)

・Mr. Yoshinori Yajima

  (Head Office of enterprise Partnerships, Tohoku University)

・Dr. Masayuki Itamura

  (Anzai Lab. Tohoku University)

・Mr. Kenji Takahashi

  (Chief Editor, Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun)

・Dr. Naoto Miyamoto

 (Sugawa Lab., Tohoku University)

 ・Dr. Nozomu Hatakeyama

 (Miyamoto Lab., Tohoku University)

・Prof. Osamu Ichinokura

 (Ichinokura Lab., Tohoku University)

・Prof. Hiroshi Inomata

 (Inomata Lab., Tohoku University)



10:00-10:10 Opening address

10:10-10:25   Mr. Tokuta Inoue

      "Innovation for Next-gengeration Automobiles part2"

10:25-10:40 Free discussion

10:40-11:10   Mr. Katsuhiko Shionoya

                      "On the results of intellectual property activities at Tohoku University

                        -After becoming the university corporation and the Great east Japan earthquake occurred-"

11:10-11:20 Free discussion

11:20-11:50   Prof. Takahiro Suzuki

      "Proposal of Next Generation Advanced Mobility System from Tohoku Region"

11:50-12:00 Free discussion

12:00-13:00 Lunch meeting


13:00-13:30 Dr. Masayuki Itamura

      "Tohoku restoration and Diecast"

13:30-13:40 Free discussion

13:40-14:10 Mr. Yoshinori Yajma

      "Earthquake Recovery" (Tentative Title)

14:10-14:40 Mr. Kenji Takahashi

                      "Securing and training human resources in the automobile industry"

 14:40-14:55 Dr. Naoto Miyamoto 

      "Development of High precision and portable Kinematic GNSS"

 14:55-15:05 Free Discussion

15:05-15:10 Break 

15:10-15:40   Prof. Osamu Ichinokura 

       "Recent motor technology"

15:40-16:10 Prof. Hiroshi Inomata 

      "A unique solvent characteristics and applied technology regarding Super critical CO2 "

16:10-16:25 Dr. Nozomu Hatakeyama 

      "Utilization of Computational chemistry and AI for Next-generation automobiles"

16:25-16:40 Free discussion

16:40-16:50  Closing address 


[How to apply]

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The subject should be
" Application participating the 3rd Basic Phase of Human Resource development Program "





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TEL: 022-795-7233

Miyamoto Lab, NICHe, Tohoku University

Responsible: Miyako Osafune, Hiroko Chiba, Mizuho Yaoita,  Momoko Ogata, Megumi Akama