Strategic Regional Innovation Support Program by MEXT

(For recovery from Tohoku Disaster)

Closing Symposium



Time & Date:February 9, 2017(Thu)13:00-17:25

Venue:The Westin Sendai 25F "Miyabi (雅)"

Sponsor:Next-Generation Automobiles/ Miyagi Area 

Cooperation:Miyagi Industrial Association、Tohoku Economic Federation, Miyagi Organization for Industry Promotion, Organization for Miyagi Car Industry Promotion,Organization for Miyagi Advanced Electronic Machine Industory Promotion, The 77 Bank, Ltd., Sendai City

Admission Capacity: 150People




13:00 Opening address

              Mr. Takao Sakamoto  

    President of Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute

    Chairman of Next-Generation Autobobiles/ Miyagi Area



13:05 Guest Speech

    Mr. Shuichi Sakamoto

              Section Chief of University-industry Collaboration and Regional R&D Division,

              Science and Technology Policy Bureau, Ministry of science and technology 


              Mr. Keiichi Iwase

              Manager of Economic Policy Department, Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


              Mr. Masahiro Wako

    Vice Governor, Miyagi Prefecture


    Dr. Susumu Satomi

              President of Tohoku University


    Mr. Makoto Kaiwa

              Chairman, Tohoku Economic Federation


13:45 Memorial Lecture

    "Technology Development of TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN"

                Mr. Yoshinobu Koyama

     Manager of Development Planning Dept., TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN, INC.


    "Efforts about Reserch of Next-Generation Automobiles in Tohoku University

     ~For Formation of Innovation Eco system~ 

               Prof. Fumihiko Hasegawa

    Vice Director, New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Tohoku University


15:15 Break


15:30 Project Report


    Mr. Katuto Nakatsuka

               Project director of Next-Generation Automobiles/ Miyagi area  


    "Building Knowledge Network"

    Mr. Toshio Kato

               Coordinator of regional cooperation, ICR


            "Development and Implementation of Human Resource Development Program

               for Regional Innovation Strategy"

                  Professor Akira Miyamoto

     New Industry Creation Hatchery Center /Chairman of Research Promotional Committiee


    "Sharing of Research Facilities and Machines in the Local Reserch Institutions and the University" 

                 Prof. Akira Miyamoto

     New Industry Creation Hatchery Center / Chairman of Research Promotional Committiee

                 Mr. Tsutomu Iwama

     Manager of Automotive-related Industries Support Dept.,

                  Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Prefectural Government


17:00 Speech 

               Mr. Hiroyuki Abe

       Executive Adviser, Japan Science and Technology Agency

               / Chairman of External Evaluation Committee

17:25 Closing address

    Mr. Katsuto Nakatsuka

              Project director of Next-Generation Automobiles/ Miyagi area  




          The Westin Sendai 25F "Tsuki (月)"(Admission capacity:100 people、Fee: 3,000yen)

Contact Information:Next Generation Automobiles/ Miyagi

(E-mail:cars* TEL:022-352-7462/FAX:022-352-7463)

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Responsible:Megumi Hoshi, Shizue Miura


※We're afraid that we stopped accepting the applications because the deadline for the applications was 3 February.

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