Toshiyuki Takagi

Diamond and diamond like carbon film, Functional Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy, Nondestructive evaluation using the electromagnetic sensor, Functional materials system.

  • Research of medical application of repetitive pulse magnetic stimulation.
  • Development and evaluation of functional materials.
  • Development of the nondestructive evaluation technique using the electromagnetic phenomenon.
  • Development of sliding element with functional hard carbon film
  • Dynamic molding technique by using powder raw material
  • Development of small actuators by using ferromagnetic shape memory alloy
  • EMAT/EC dual probe
  • Multi-array coil probe
  • PVD-CVD hybrid coating
  • Diamond coating equipment
  • Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy
  • Compression shearing method at room temperature
  • Hard Carbon-coating lubrication

System Energy Maintenance Laboratory (SYEM) aims at optimization of safety and maintenance for grand-scale complicated systems such as power plant, civil structures and transport machinery with sensing technology by using functional materials and with non-destructive evaluation technique by using an electromagnetic phenomenon.