Tatsuo Uchida

  • Research of  Liquid Crystal Display
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption Display
  • Spatially Imaged Iris-plane Head UP Display
  • Eye-tracking camera
  • Electric vehicle bus

Prof. Uchida and his laboratory members started their study at the dawn of the liquid crystal display (LCD), and challenged the untrodden field using organic material as well as liquid material which had never been used to the electronic devices.  
They have devoted themselves to investigate physical properties of the liquid crystal and to develop high performance LCDs.   The results of research by Prof. Uchida and his laboratory members are summarized as follows:
(1) The orientation mechanism of liquid crystal molecules on substrate surfaces was clarified and the control method of the orientation was developed.  
These results formed a base technology of production of the LCDs.
(2) High performance LCDs such as a full-color LCD, a reflective type LCD, a wide viewing angle LCD, a high-speed LCD were established. Especially, on the full-color LCD, they invented various methods, and devised and developed an additive color mixture type using micro color filters of red, green and blue inside the LCD.  
At present this color LCD is widely used to liquid crystal televisions, note PCs and
mobile phones. They also devised and developed a field sequential color LCD and reflective color LCD for low power consumption.