We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q1.Can we participate even companies outside Miyagi?


A1.No problems. In this project, Regional Public Relations Promotional Committee has also been set up. Not to mention northeast area, deepen a company of each place of the whole country, a research organization, the cooperation with the local government and build relations of Win-Win then we aim at creation of the synergistic effects.


Q2.Is there a fee for participation?


A2.It does not cost the money. But "③ application practice "in Advanced Phase of the personnel training program is collaborative investigation.
So, in the case of attendance, please conclude a collaborative investigation contract with Tohoku University as needed. There is the possibility that joint research funds are caused on this occasion.


Q3.Can we get explanation about the contents of program perspective and the personnel training program individually?


A3.The secretariat goes to your company for explanation anytime or explains it through telephone and Skype,etc. First of all, please feel free to contact us. Contact Us.