The project of this article appeared in the semiconductor industry newspaper . Aim big agglomerations of promoting _ automobile a " next-generation automobiles , Miyagi Prefecture area ."(26/3/2014 published)


The article about this project was posted in the Nikkei Shimbun.

" Selling Automotive technology from Tohoku -  Efforts in business corporation between SMEs and Toyota" 

(16/1/2014 published)


This project of the article was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Tohoku realized in the Northeast of the car in '29 eyes of the starting (top ) next-generation car premises , run a dream put companies(2013/10/01 posted 39 face the Northeast economy )

Northeast of the car in '29 eyes of the starting ( below) engine is " 600 people at 20 years," human resources area leaders(2013/10/02 posted 35- Tohoku economy )

Accelerate the reconstruction in a small EV, Tohoku University and Miyagi Prefecture , to experiment in Sendai , encourage participation in local industry (2013/10/03 posted evening edition 001 pages )


Articles of  Prof. Fumihiko Hasegawa, a Professor of the project Steering Committee ( Tohoku University Future Science and Technology Joint Research Center ) has been published in Kahoku-Shimpo .

New technology development and human resource development 

( 2012/10/29 posted morning edition 13 surface feature )


The Project Director, Prof. Katsuhito Nakatsuka, has appeared in "TV Northeast Business forefront " (Higashinippon Broadcasting ) .

Toyota Motor East Japan birth ! Reconstruction accelerated in the industry integrated

(2012/09/08 broadcasting )


Article of this project in Kahoku-Shimpo was published.

Start a society courses such as automotive Nurturing Tohoku University

( 2012/10/20 published nine planes economy )


Article of this project in Kahoku-Shimpo was published .

Encourage tour laboratory introduce new entrants for the automotive industry

( 2012/9/22 posted 8 sided economy )


Article of this project in Kahoku-Shimpo was published .

Promotion Tohoku University , such as the start of the project the next-generation car research

( 2012/09/08 published nine planes economy )


Kahoku-Shimpo morning paper to the project article was published.

Automotive industry local companies of engineers training Tohoku University, business started in October

( 2012/08/29 published nine planes economy )