Human resource development program

It is super practical educational program to grasp social needs precisely, and to let you connect directly with improvement of business.

Object: Member of society

The person who aims: The human resource of plan development type

Tuition fee: Free of charge

* But  Advanced Phase ③ applied practice contract and conclude with Tohoku University as needed. There is the case that joint research funds produce on this occasion.


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This human resource development program consists of two Phase of Basic Phase of the large number of people system and Advanced Phase of the small number of people system. Because these two Phases are beginning the lecture in parallel, only in Basic Phase, the attendance only for Advanced Phase is possible, and the attendance is possible at the same time.


Basic Phase> ・・・ Mass lecture

It invites the expert of each field, the development person in charge of the company, and the expert of the reliability engineering, the expert of marketing, they give a lecture to the aim at once a month.

We think that you use this Basic Phase as not only to the acquirement of knowledge but as the place of interchange of related to the automotive industry in a big company, a local company, a university, a local government, and we want you use as an opportunity deepening horizontal cooperation.We arrange the sociable every time


Advanced Phase> ・・・ Small number of people system instruction

Advanced Phase is divided 3 coursesbasicstrainingapplied practice.

(The attendance only fororis possible, too)In the basics, classroom lecture by the visiting lecturer that the teacher of the charge laboratory or the charge laboratory depends on. ② In the training, class through the use of the advanced apparatus of the charge laboratory possession.In the applied practice, it becomes the cooperative research substantially. Each teacher makes the curriculum suitable for member of a class after confirmation at the time of an interview by the experience and knowledge, real duties contents of the member.


Application, reception period to Advanced Phase

we accept the application of the applied practice course any time at the secretariat.


About application for 2013, it switched to accepting an application at any time.

At the start time, we consult after an application reception desk.