Equipment sharing program

We open an advanced apparatus of Miyagi industrial technical general center and Tohoku University to the local company and aim at the development of whole region.

Object: Member of society

Tuition fee: Free of charge

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<List of objective apparatus> here


This equipment sharing program consists of Basic Phase giving lessons in how to use 1-2 specific apparatuses for a beginner, and Advanced Phase for the member attending a lecture with the use experience that this uses the target apparatus in a participation in planning laboratory. Because these two Phases are beginning the lecture in parallel, only in Basic Phase, the attendance only for Advanced Phase is possible, and the attendance is possible at the same time.


<Basic Phase

It is beginning a lecture four times of each year in the aim. It is a course aiming at the acquisition of basic how to use specific apparatus. We think that you use this Basic Phase as not only to the acquirement of the usage but as the place of interchange of related to the automotive industry in a big company, a local company, a university, a local government, and we want you use as an opportunity deepening horizontal cooperation.We arrange the sociable every time


Application, reception period to Basic Phase

 We guide about one month ago of the opening of a school day on the HP.


<Advanced Phase

The curriculum is decided in consideration of the experience of the user after the interview with the charge instructor of each laboratory after choice with the apparatus from a list of apparatuses (in preparation).


 Application, reception period to Advanced Phase

* About application for 2013, it switched to accepting an application at any time.

At the start time, we consult after an application reception desk.